Top 10 San Diego Breweries

San Diego, in my opinion, is the nations craft beer capital. There are so many craft breweries that have sprouted up over the last few years. There are 70+ operating breweries, making my top 10 choice extremely hard to make. Here is my list of top 10 favorites, and a few honorable mentions. I mean, why would you limit yourself to 10?

**Disclaimer: all of the places I have listed below are places that I have been to, eaten at, drank at and enjoyed.

Top 10 / Honorable Mentions

Top 10 List:


Stone Brewery is the King Pin of the San Diego beer scene. People from all over the country flock to anyone of the many tasting locations Stone has to offer. They come out with new beers every month. They have a few tasting rooms and beer gardens throughout San Diego County, and offer farm-to-table eats accompanied with outdoors games.

Address: 1999 Citracado Parkway, Escondido, CA 92029

Mission Brewery

Mission Brewery is an amazing urban brick building in the heart of downtown San Diego. A few blocks from the ball park. Like San Diego, their beer is themed around the sea – pirates and shipwrecks to be exact. They have an amazing selection of beers, and the brew house overlooks the tasting room.

Address: 1441 L St, San Diego, CA, 92101

Green Flash Brewing Co.

Home of the West Coast Style IPA (waves of hops hit your palate with complex bursts of flavors). They are one of the fastest growing breweries in San Diego, and have an extremely talented brew master. They recently opened up a location in Virginia Beach, which means you don’t have to be in San Diego to taste their amazing brews!

Address: 6550 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92121

Coronado Brewing Company

My favorite of all the breweries in San Diego. Their brews are inspired by beaches around the globe, and that theme fits right into the San Diego lifestyle. Amongst other awards, recently Coronado Brewing Company won the title of “Champion Mid-Size Brewing Company and Brewmaster” at 2014’s World Beer Cup!

Address: 170 Orange Ave, Coronado, CA 92118

Ballast Point

A vast and creative selection of beer. Few breweries have the variety as Ballast Point. They offer lagers, IPAs, smoked beers, imperial stouts, citrus infused beers, and the list goes on! Don’t think that quality is second to production. They master every style they offer to the consumer. Ballast Point has multiple locations, the pilot location being in Little Italy, with more locations to come!

Address: 2215 India St, San Diego, CA 92101

Karl Strauss

Famous for the Red Trolley Ale, Karl Strauss has a variety of beer styles that they offer. My personal favorite is the Mosaic Session IPA, and it’s complex flavor profile. The miramar location doubles as a restaurant so you can pair beer with a variety of delicious food options.

Address: 9675 Scranton Rd, San Diego, CA 92121

Societe Brewing Company

Societe Brewing Company boasts botanical hoppy beers, style-blending Belgian ales, stouts, and (soon to offer) sours, themed around all walks of life within society. Hence the name. The owner’s of Societe have earned the reputation of doing it the right way, and honoring the two most important things in their field: beer and people. The atmosphere of Societe is extremely people oriented and warm hearted.

Address: 8262 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111


The owner of AleSmith is a Master Beer Judge. I would say, a sommelier of beer, meaning they know their beer. AleSmith has a variety of styled beers, ranging from U.S. to Belgium style, to English style beer. No matter the style, their brews are consistently good and and complex.

Address: 9990 AleSmith Ct, San Diego, CA 92126

Alpine Beer Co.

If you like hoppy flavor profiles, this is the brewery for you. Because of their small quaint locale, there is no way for them to satisfy the demand for their west coast style IPAs and hop-filled beers. Thankfully, Alpine Brewing Co. teamed up with Green Flash Brewing company meaning their production will skyrocket!

Address: 2363 Alpine Blvd, Alpine, CA 91901

Pizza Port

One of the oldest brew houses in San Diego, Pizza Port gave rise to a lot of brew masters who went on to win awards and earn national recognition. This family run chain of breweries (4 locations to be exact), has a knack for the traditional flavor elements and profiles no matter the style of beer. Check them out and get a slice while you are at it.

Address: 1956 Bacon St, San Diego, CA 92107

Honorable Mentions

The Lost Abbey

The OG of barrel aging and sours. The Lost Abbey artfully blends flavors together so they dance across your palette. No other Brew House in San Diego offers the variety of beers that The Lost Abbey possesses and offers.

Address: 155 Mata Way #104, San Marcos, CA 92069



Rip Current

From home brewer to major leagues. This is the history of Rip Current. They come out with new brews that consistently keep their original following coming back as well as increasing the amount of new fans!

Address: 4101 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104

Rough Draft

San Diego is completely saturated with craft beer houses, making it extremely hard for the new kid on the block to get up and running. Rough Draft did just that. I love their beer, and the creativity behind each brew. They have done an amazing job with production and trickling into the local market and restaurant scene.

Address: 8830 Rehco Rd D, San Diego, CA 92121

Top 10 / Honorable Mentions