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Mirror Mirror on the wall…

Lately I have had an unhealthy obsession with big over the top mirrors. The bigger the better, the funkier the more fabulous. Basically….

I like big mirrors and I cannot lie!

I thought this would be a great post idea, because sometimes styling mirrors can be a daunting task.

Mirrors are great accessories for any space. They can make even the darkest space feel brighter and more open. (Must Read: How To: Make Your Home Look & Feel More Expensive).

Mirror Frames:

Depending on your personal style you will choose mirrors with different frames:

Romantic/Traditional: you will probably choose an ornate framed mirror with a lot of detail.

Modern: you will most likely choose a simplistic mirror with clean lines and a sleek frame.

Boho: you will be drawn to the more unique style frame and use the mirror as a supplement to the eclectic nature of your space.

Mirror Style:

Obviously there are A LOT more styles when it comes to mirrors and the vast amount of choices, which is why I put together this slide show of mirrors of all tastes and styles to exemplify different ways to incorporate them into your home.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Where to Buy Mirrors

Painted Wooden Full Length Mirror

from: Wayfair

Rectangle Antique Silver Wall Mirror

from: Wayfair

Weathered Harbor Floor Mirror Size: 66″ H x 32″ W x 1″ D

from: Wayfair

Oreana Rectangular Dresser Mirror Finish: Rustic White

from: Wayfair

Galm Sunburst Accent Wall Mirror

from: Wayfair

Faux Window Wood Wall Mirror

from: Wayfair

Gold Arch Wall Mirror

from: Wayfair

Grain Texture Beveled Wall Mirror Size: 64″ H x 29″ W, Finish: Bronze

from: Wayfair

Veronica Floor Mirror

from: Wayfair

Arabella Leaner Mirror

from: Wayfair

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