…..It’s Me….I know it has been awhile, and I apologize for not posting more consistently. What do you think of my new website design/layout? I am low key in love with it!

I thought for this post I would highlight and showcase a few of my favorite Instagram profiles and personalities. Now, not all of these are interior design based. Some are, and some are food oriented, and others are here because I am obsessed with their life. Ahem….travel bloggers and Instagram phenoms alike!

I don’t know about you, but I get a lot of inspiration from Instagram. I love the way users style their photos in a way that creates visual interest and creates that Light Bulb effect in my mind. Check out my favorites of the moment:

Interior Design Instagrams:


I am absolutely in love with her movable canvases. Each one is like a painting or art piece that moves and breathes with your space.

Her choices of colors and styling of her pictures is also a great touch. You can gather a lot of inspiration from all of the textures and details! (shop her store)

She is a MUST check out profile!


I absolutely love that this feed is full of natural elements in their style! It’s nice to see a little greenery and how they play with texture. They offer design services for hire as well as have an online store for accent and design pieces to perfect your space. (shop their store)




One of my dear friends, whom is UBER talented! She is based out of San Diego and has a knack for DIY and handmade furniture with a beach-y flare! If I ever needed a custom furniture piece I would run sprint to her. She is always taking commissioned inquiries! (Check her out)




This profile I could have placed in either the Interior Design section or the Yummy section. Their feed is full of cozy coffee and blanket settings paired with the comforts of a warm home. I love looking at this feed in the morning because of the shear comfort that it makes me feel. ♥





If you like handmade textiles, check these guys out! Their store has some amazing products that are featured on their feed. And every time you purchase from their store they give to the AdoptTogether.org. What more can you ask for?! (shop their store)



Travel/Lifestyle Instagrams


She is currently exploring the thrills of Africa. I wish I was currently exploring the thrills of Africa. Her photos are nothing short of amazing. If they don’t inspire you to get off your keister and explore, than I don’t know what will.




She has amazing photos of her travels and the Pacific Northwest and Canada. Her feed is dripping with the natural beauty of the world. You should go check her out, you will not regret it. Her feed makes me wish I was her friend in real life.




This is THE travel Bible. This feed is full of beautiful coastal beach views that make you want to book a flight ASAP. I love this feed for the instant mood lifter it gives me. Instahappiness. Maybe it is from the love of wine throughout! Check her out, her life is amazeballs.




All-Style-Errthang. I love this feed for the shoes!!! and the style and her ability to make any setting look like it belongs in a magazine. There is something really relatable to her feed yet every picture showcases her amazing style and taste.




Yummy Instagrams:


No words necessary. This feed is gorgeous. I am not sure how to make fruit look so pretty. I mean some of the fruit is ♥ shaped. If I was qualified to give out food presentation awards, they would get the gold!





You know how they say not to grocery shop while you are hungry? Well, ya, do not scroll this feed if you are hungry. This is your warning. I absolutely love this feed and I feel like my diet lives vicariously through looking at the amazing yummy treats.




If you are obsessed with the beauty of minimalism, and/or really love breakfast this is the feed for you. This lady can seriously make a granola bar look like the best thing you have ever eaten. Go to her feed and stalk her.




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  1. Aw thanks so much for the shout out! I’m going to have to check out some of those other profiles – they look dreamy. Love your new blog design, and love you! 😘

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