Not all of us have the budget/or the ability to completely gut and create our dream kitchen. Here are some budget friendly, easy fixes that can go a long way into breathing life into the most daunting of projects.

Backsplash Tile:

Using backsplash tile to give pops of color and/or texture to an outdated kitchen can instantly transform the overall look. Backsplash tile can make a kitchen look finished and put together while creating visual interest and appeal.


Island: If you have an island adding unique pendant lighting above the island is a minor detail that can make the space look more expensive and put together.

No Island: Don’t fret! There are ways to incorporate lighting without an island in your kitchen. Look into recessed lighting that can brighten the space while not giving it that dated feel of the fluorescent lighting.

Paint – walls and cabinets:

adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls or cabinets can instantly transform your kitchen to look entirely different with little to no work. If your kitchen is small or dark, I would suggest choosing a lighter paint color so it feels bigger and more airy.

Splurge Wisely: New Countertops!

If you want a complete overhaul of your kitchen updating the countertops is a great option.

For the renters:

Don’t think I have forgotten about you!

New handles and pulls:

A great way to add a more expensive feel to your kitchen is by updating the hardware. This generally does not take a lot of Dolla Bills or time, and can make even a renters kitchen feel more updated. See my post about Making Your Home Look & Feel More Expensive to learn more!

Decorative/Colorful Appliances:

If you aren’t able to paint or add a backsplash an easy visually effective way to add pops of color and give your Kitchen a more unique and homier feel is to add colorful appliances or decorative pieces to the space. Think: KitchenAid Mixer, wall pieces and ceramic containers that sit out in the open!

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