Avoid these at all costs! Everyone is guilty of one or partially one of these, myself included. These are some of the major styling crises that I try to avoid like the plague.

1. All Matching Everything:

When all furniture matches, or looks like it is from the same collection it tends to make your room look drab and boring. You get the same effect when all of your furniture is the same color. Try mixing it up a little bit if you have matching nightstands, try revamping your dresser with a new color. If you have an arm chair that is the same color as your couch or bedding try swapping it out for an accent color. These ideas give depth and interest to a space.

2. Everything at the same height:

Another way to create interest and visual appeal is to vary the height of some of your styling objects. Normally I recommend grouping things in odd numbers (groups of threes are preferred – see below), so make sure your styling pieces are placed at varied heights.

3. Not using rule of thirds:

The jist of the rule is that objects that appear in groups of threes are more appealing. Not just in design or photography, but in everyday life as well. IE: beginning, middle, end. Three blind mice. Rally songs like: go, fight, win! (you get the idea). This rule serves as a way to create depth and by rearranging style pieces to reflect this can dramatically alter the flow of a space.

4. Over styling:

Or just having too many little things. This can make a space feel cluttered and smaller than it really is. Buy a statement piece and get on the bandwagon of “Less is More.” A well styled room can also make your space look more expensive (Click here to learn more).

5. Fake greenery that looks fake:

I am guilty of fake greenery. No judgement. Sometimes having a fake plant that you don’t have to take care of is ideal. But be careful of the really fake looking plants. They can make even a well styled room look cheap. Another option is to use branches, twigs or dried greenery in vases, or do your research on a plant that is easy to maintain and take care of that will add that natural touch to a room. Whatever you decide, if you invest in a good looking fake plant, don’t forget to dust it!

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