Holiday Decor Tips:

It’s Beginning to Smell a lot like Turkey!

Actually the mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy are what I look forward to most. But generally, anything with gravy on it I am game for! I am one of those weirdos who craves Thanksgiving Dinner all year round, it can be 100 degrees out and I want it.

There is something about it that I just love. Again, probably the gravy, and that people don’t think twice when you show up wearing yoga pants to a “dinner party.”

The overall feel of Thanksgiving: the time of year, the colors, it’s low pressure holiday feel where you can eat, drink, hang out and are not required to bring a gift, makes it my favorite holiday.

That being said, if you are the brave soul that is hosting a Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, or my favorite: “Junesgiving” you will need a centerpiece. I am a sucker for a good centerpiece.

Here are some details that I look for when creating a centerpiece for a large holiday dinner:

Nothing too tall:

having to lean around a centerpiece to hold a conversation is annoying not to mention uncomfortable. Try to stick with shorter layouts as to make conversation flow continuously. If you are someone who likes to entertain with all of the food at the same table, a big centerpiece is more than ok to have on the table. I recommend moving it to a small side table in the corner of the room once the food is placed and your guests take their seats.

Layout is key:

you don’t want to overcrowd the table with so many chotchkies that your guests can’t fit their plate fully on the table. I tend to rely on the thirds rule. Divide the width and length of your table into thirds, once you do this you will be left with an area in the center – the centerpiece layout should not leave that space. Pretend that the rest of the table is lava!

Fresh Herbs:

I love using fresh herbs in a fall and Thanksgiving centerpiece. I stick with rosemary, sage, eucalyptus and thyme. This gives you dining area a festive smell that everyone loves!

Pops of color:

I love oranges and deep red berries and apples . Fall is the time of harvest so any fresh fruits, pumpkins, and herbs pair very well with the festivities of this time of year.

Monochromatic layout:

I would not recommend doing the same tone of a color for everything in your centerpiece. If you enjoy a monochromatic theme, I would suggest going with different tones of the same general color. For example: if you like the freshness of white, choose some white elements, some cream elements and some very light grey elements. It is also important to consider shapes with monochromatic centerpieces. The centerpiece is typically on the simple side, funky shapes are great! (See the antler centerpiece below).


when creating a centerpiece I try to always balance each side of the layout. It doesn’t have to be identical but mirroring shapes makes the centerpiece look really put together.

Here are a couple centerpieces I have created:


Here are a couple to drool over:


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